7.5-foot-long mushroom canoe earns Guinness World Record

A Nebraska duo who created a 7.5-foot-long mushroom canoe received a Guinness World Record for their efforts.

Katy Ayers, a 2021 graduate of the Central Community College’s Columbus campus, and William “Ash” Gordon, owner of Nebraska Mushroom LLC, said they received word from Guinness that they are the record-holders for creating the world’s longest fungal mycelium boat.

The pair said they grew the “Myconoe” using fungus, and the vessel sprouts new mushrooms every time Ayers takes it onto the water.

“Being named as Guinness World Record holder is a forgotten dream-come-true for me,” Ayers told The Grand Island Independent. “I used to try and failed to break Guinness World Records as a child, and I cannot begin to express the elation of earning one as an adult.”

Gordon said the project was a means of putting his passion for mushroom research into practice.

“I hope that people from across the world will read about us and find inspiration for their own passion in life,” he said.

“Working with Katy to create the mycelium canoe was an extremely enjoyable experience that inspired me to continue experimenting with mycelium composites and to research new ways to utilize the power of fungi.”

Ayers said she is continuing to study mycology at Washington State University.